The Writer vs Inconsistency

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before…

Make time for writing. Write everyday. Stay consistent and the world shall be yours.

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In one of my previous posts, “If you’re a creative, read this”, I even discussed how important I think consistency is.

Evidence of my profound observations below:


“Staying consistent is key”.

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Nonetheless, for the past two days I’ve had a reminder on my phone screen which reads:

Start writing again.

I haven’t been able to tick it off yet.

Prior to my current lapse in consistency, I’d been working on the first draft of a screenplay everyday, eager to get it done. And then life, as it does, got a bit hectic, so I held off on writing for a bit and then when I was supposedly “free” again, I did not, as I’d anticipated, return to writing everyday.

I also had to extend the initial deadline I set for completing my first draft and that was annoying.

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I think it was a good call though and I’m aiming to get back on track with my writing schedule soon. Hopefully today, even if it means sparing 30 minutes to write complete and utter garbage. First drafts aren’t meant to be masterpieces anyway right?

Let’s not beat ourselves up too much but enough to get ourselves back on track; a process that might be a bit wobbly at first, but we’ll get there in the end.

See you in my next blog post!

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Screenwriting Experiments: Conversation by a poolside

Today’s blog post is spurred by a random idea I had:

“what if I wrote a hypothetical film scene for my next blog post?”.

I’m currently working on a main screenplay project and I’m also a newbie to the world of screenwriting. I thought doing this would be a good way to get some more writing practice as well as some feedback and constructive criticism.

In the scene, two friends converse by a poolside, on holiday, enjoying the warm weather when another friend disrupts with some bad news…

Link below! (Let me know your thoughts).

Conversation by a poolside

Thank you for checking it out!

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