Music I listen to when I write

I, like many other people, enjoy listening to music when I write (and also just in general).


Some days I can listen to upbeat music and write at the same time. I mean, it might slow me down a little but I manage to do both.

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Admittedly though,there are also days when I have to fight the urge to get up and do something like this:


And that brings me to the topic of today’s blog post:

What kind of stuff do I listen to when I write?

The answer to this is, it depends on the day. Like I said earlier, on some days I can hack listening to upbeat music and writing. On other days I just click “shuffle” on my playlist and write to whatever comes on. And sometimes, silence can suffice.

On the whole though, I’d say music that I consider to be “chill”/ mellow does the job when I’m writing. Feel free to check out my playlist below!

Do you listen to music when you write and if you do, what kind? Let me know in the comments below!

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Screenwriting Experiments: Conversation by a poolside

Today’s blog post is spurred by a random idea I had:

“what if I wrote a hypothetical film scene for my next blog post?”.

I’m currently working on a main screenplay project and I’m also a newbie to the world of screenwriting. I thought doing this would be a good way to get some more writing practice as well as some feedback and constructive criticism.

In the scene, two friends converse by a poolside, on holiday, enjoying the warm weather when another friend disrupts with some bad news…

Link below! (Let me know your thoughts).

Conversation by a poolside

Thank you for checking it out!

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