The rudest thing someone’s said about my natural hair.

So I was talking to my friend Marshea (that’s her glowing in the header) the other day and she said something like “I know how you feel now”.

For a minute I was lost until she elaborated and said that she was at a party and she had gotten onto the topic of hair with a guy she knows. He brought up the fact that her hair was “different” (she’d had it in twists a few months back) and is currently rocking a puff/updo with her natural hair. So she explained how she liked the twists but likes her natural hair as it is right now because it’s more freeing. Long story short, he disagreed, seemingly disheartened by the fact that the twists (which he mistook for locs) were “so long” and now her hair is “super short”.

And so she’s fired up, ready to defend her natural hair, talking about how soft it is etc and so she says “feel it” (on her behalf, I ask you do not judge this act) and long story short, the guy was basically like “umm, well it feels like you’ve grown out a full bush of pubes”.


And then it all came flooding back to me.

My very own “pube story”.

Basically, in secondary school, some guy, in R.E I think, had likened my natural hair to “pubes”. My hair was in a puff and I believe I too had allowed him to touch my hair.

Where was Rickey Thompson’s outro on “Cantu” when I needed it??


I know other black people will have “hair-stories” of their own- e.g. Youtuber “OnlyOneJess” being told she looks like a clown and actress/singer Haley Law being told she looked like she’d been electrocuted the first time she wore her natural hair.


It helps to be able to laugh off stupid comments like these. People are dumb and ignorant (and rude).

I just wanted to use this blog post as a reminder to myself and to you to love your natural hair (yeah you’ve probably heard that a million times) but still!

giphy 4

Whether you’ve got a weave in right now (wait, my bad, a wig, it’s 2018), braids, a twist-out, whatever, the next time it’s just you, the mirror and your natural hair- not styled, no product, just chilling- I hope you can embrace what you see. (And if you can’t right now, don’t worry, it’s a journey).

Anyway, don’t forget to keep that hair moisturised on a daily basis (I should really take my own advice) and please feel free to share any similar experiences you’ve had in the comments below.

giphy (7)

Until next time. ✌️


  1. I’m mixed race so my hairs pretty naturally curly, tho not quite as curly as yours I’m sure! Even so, I absolutely hated my hair when I was younger because it was different, and its taken me a long while to see it as the cute head of curls it is. Post like this are really helpful and really helped me love my hair, so thank you for this lovelllyyy post xxx

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  2. Gal I just cut my hair 😭😭 tryna grow my natural afro back because I miss it and i was over it being relaxed and damaged😏. But in school wen i had my afro..guys used to always ask me silly questions like y is your hair like dat or y is it shiny🙄 coz my mama used to put half of the moisturizer in my hair😭😂 so yeah it gets annoying but wen u know u are a Black Queen with that afro then gal no one can bring that negative energy into your life. Your natural hair is gorgeous btw


  3. I remember when I first went back natural, my mom didn’t like my hair. It was short and curls weren’t like they are now. As I started learning how to take care of my hair she started loving it. Honestly, I haven’t got bad comments, besides her and my dad. I don’t take care of my hair when I’m sick. I have fine hair so you can imagine how it looks when not style. Good post btw. All that matters that we love our hair. God Bless


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