“Likes” aren’t a good measure of self-worth.

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post inspired by introspection and overthinking.

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Assuming you use any form of social media, I have a question for you.

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Do you find yourself overly concerned with the number of “likes” you get?

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I think a lot of us do. I also think it’s something a lot of us need to snap out of.

In saying that though, let me not act as if “likes” mean absolutely nothing. “Likes” make us feel good. “Likes” can help determine the type of content we should post more often.

HOWEVER,  I think some of us unconsciously or sometimes even consciously use “likes” to determine our own self-worth (and the worth of others) and that’s not ideal because it’s a very surface level way of doing so.

“But I deserve more likes though”

Now, you may be thinking, this is all well and good but…

“I put hours into editing that video or “my blood sweat and tears went into writing that blog post” or “I looked fabulous in that leopard print jumpsuit and  yet I only got X amount of likes”.

Yes, it’s true that the very act of posting something that can be “liked” by others automatically invites another’s approval/feedback so you may feel justified in feeling like you deserve more “likes”.

The thing is though, whenever you posted whatever you posted, be it a blog post or a photo, you deemed it to be good, right? So, if it doesn’t get the “likes” you expected, is it no longer “good”?

The issue lies in taking what you deem to be a lack of “likes” and using it as a catalyst for thoughts like “Maybe I’m not that funny”, “maybe I’m not that smart”, “that stylish, that pretty” or whatever the case may be.

 If you suddenly got more “likes”, are you suddenly worth more as a person?

If you got the “likes” you think you deserve, would your life be complete?

Remember, I’m not negating the fact that “likes” make us feel good. I just don’t think we should give them too much power in terms of how we view ourselves.

“Likes” I suppose, are just a temporary boost to our self-esteem. An abundance of them or lack thereof shouldn’t determine our self-worth.



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