Four months to go…

So, August is almost over, as is the summer.

And for some of us, come September, it’ll be time to resume our studies. (Still not entirely sure how I feel about this).

I deemed this “transition period” a good time to review the goals I’d made at the start of the year and for the summer.  In doing so, I found a few goals I had not accomplished or even started on. Of course, the year’s not over yet so it’s not all bad.

In saying that though, there’s something very annoying about seeing a goal you wrote down at the start of the year (presumably in a state of uncontrollable zeal) and realising you didn’t do what you say you’d do. (Especially when it comes to those goals where you set deadlines for yourself).

giphy (38)

Despite wanting to punch myself in the face, I was encouraged to make the most of the holiday period I have left before university starts and also to make the most of the remaining months of 2018.

We may only have four months left but I think there’s always time to revisit your goals. There’s always time to at least start working towards them before the year ends. You might even accomplish some of them come December 31st.

So, I rewrote my goals list accordingly, including those things which I didn’t start on but hope to by the end of the year.

Why not give it a try? Review the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year and even for the summer. How will you go about addressing those you didn’t start on?

Thanks for reading!

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