On the fence.

Have you ever watched or heard something that gets you thinking, like really thinking? To the point where you start to question the things you currently do or believe in?

I think it’s good to feel challenged in this way from time to time. I see it as an opportunity to question things. This doesn’t have to mean sudden abandonment of everything you’ve ever believed in but it can mean further examination of your beliefs. It can also mean realising how little you know about a certain topic.

Some of us know where we currently stand as it pertains to religion, politics, what we value in life etc (even if it’s just a rough idea).

But for those of us who wobble a little, have a tendency to be easily swayed and find ourselves on the fence a lot – maybe it’s time we started being more proactive in figuring out our beliefs.

Just a few disclaimers here:

  • I’m not saying that “I don’t know” is an inadequate response. Isn’t it freeing to admit that in all honesty you don’t know how you feel about X or Y or that you’re still figuring out your thoughts?
  • I’m just saying that “I don’t know” shouldn’t be our only response to questions concerning our opinions (be they self-directed or from others). After all, no-one wants to be Bert from “Horrid Henry” right?
2018-07-23 01-220534517..jpg
Source: https://www.emaze.com/@ACRTCFF

(And this is coming from someone whose frequent response to my youngest sister’s existential questions is indeed “I dunno”).

  • It’s also not like we’re constantly being quizzed on our beliefs.

I just feel that, for the sake of our own sanity and self – confidence, maybe we should hop off the fence every once in a while. Have a look what’s on the other side, you know?

As a confused individual, some of the ways I like do this include Google searches, watching YouTube videos, reading articles. The list goes on.

Getting off the fence as it pertains to X (X being different for everybody) isn’t an overnight journey. It also doesn’t have to be a permanent state of being.

Perhaps the uncertainty we feel whenever we watch a spirited debate or we’re on the receiving end of a probing question is a nudge. A nudge urging us to acquire not an entirely stable certainty but one in which we know what we believe in and why, albeit not at the expense of open-mindedness.

A closing question to consider: When was the last time you felt “challenged” and what did it reveal to you about your current beliefs and your certainty (or lack thereof) in them?

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